Peer Support

You don't have to do this alone.

Connection. Communication. Understanding. Non-judgmental. Virtual.

Peer Support Values

  • Everyone has the right to be treated with dignity.

  • Everyone has the right to have their individual human rights respected.

  • Self-directed recovery does happen.

  • Sharing our recovery experiences nurture mutual relationships.

  • Individuals have the right to make their own choices, even if others don’t agree with their decision.

  • Peer Support values the importance of community building and natural supports.


Our Story

Have you been searching for those that understand your aching heart?

Have you been searching for those that understand a journey through HG isn't just pregnancy, but the things that happen after that continue to impact your life?

Have you been searching for someone to understand the immense loss of losing a child?

Well, you've found us!

Meet The Team

  • Ja'Nai Wilkes,

    HG Survivor and Peer Support

    Hi, my name is Ja'Nai and I am a HG Survivor and Peer Support. I have survived five HG pregnancies, and I was able to bring two of my babies home.

    When my HG symptoms became unmanageable and threatened my life, my boyfriend and I made one of the most difficult parenting decisions to terminate three of our wanted pregnancies to save me. This will walk beside me every moment for the rest of life.

    I am a painter and lover of the arts. I spend my time facilitating an art wellness group. I also spend my time trying to figure out ways to cope through the grief that comes with losing deeply wanted children.

    All of my children are my heart, and I live because of them.

  • Alisha Emerald

    My name is Alisha Emerald. I’m a yoga teacher, trauma healer and writer, living with my husband and dog in northern Alberta, Canada.


    We lost our first and only child due to a very complicated pregnancy, during which my body began to shut down and I ended up requiring an organ transplant. I have since dealt with infertility and multiple health challenges.


    The moments I had with my son, Paris, and the moments that followed changed my world forever. Everything I do, everything I am, is because of him and I want to share his life and light with the world.

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