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Dahlia, DeWayne and Rose's Story (Short-Read)

By Ja'Nai Wilkes, HG Survivor and Peer Support

Even though HG had shown its ugliness throughout my first two pregnancies, I did not know that was mercy.

In 2016, my partner and I decided that it was time to conceive our child. Around 5 weeks I was increasingly sick with each day. Medications were not helping. Medical interventions were not helping. And in mid-December I consented to the termination of our first pregnancy.

In 2017, we decided to try again. Maybe something would be different this time? By the end of July, I terminated our second pregnancy due to the impacts of HG.

I was thoroughly exhausted in so many ways, but hope and dreams of bringing our baby home one day thrived. We prepared even sooner. I started medications earlier. My doctor even added more. I thought if I changed my diet that it would help maybe even a little…

Until this pregnancy, I did not realize that large amounts of anti-nausea medication could be given, and not help.

Complete agony are the only words I can describe waiting for the day I would no longer be pregnant.

In 2018, a few days after New Years, we terminated our third pregnancy, which ultimately was our last.

Dahlia 12.13.2016 DeWayne 7.25.2017 Rose 1.5.2018

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