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HG Survivor's Story

Four weeks ago HG left me no choice but to terminate my pregnancy.

I was unable to care for my five year old for ten weeks. Every day I woke up hoping it'd be the day I could feel alive again and be a mum to both of my children- the one inside and the one needing his mum to play with him.

That day never came. At 10 weeks pregnant I made the heart breaking decision to lose my littlest one. Four weeks on and life is different. My partner left, unable to understand my decision and how it felt like I was dying daily.

There isn't a day that goes by where I don't think of my littlest one and what could have been. Although no one else saw her, she will always be one of my children and I will never forget the ten weeks of loving her.

Grief is grief. My baby was wanted and loved. HG took away the choice in what I had to do to survive.

-HG Survivor

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