Ja'Nai's First HG Pregnancy

By Ja'Nai Wilkes, HG Survivor and Peer Support

My first pregnancy I really didn't know what to expect. At about 8 weeks, a nausea set in that was increasingly overwhelming me. And the smells started to turn. I began vomiting everyday with daily nausea. It felt like I was an unwilling passenger on a not-so-merry-go-round. Crackers and sips of water did not ease the burning in my stomach or the nausea and vomiting. But, I preferred to throw up food rather than just heave saliva and stomach bile.

Working part-time was exhausting. I went to my manager to let her know that I needed to go home. I was too sick to work. She told me this is a part of pregnancy, every woman goes through morning sickness. She drove herself to the hospital when she was in labor... She said I could go home, but that I needed to move past it.

I could smell the stink from wall to wall that was trapped in the fabrics and fibers and pores of everything. I could smell the trails of body odor and perfumes; foulness lingering in the air. Someone suggested that what I was going through was not normal and to go back to my doctor. So, I did.

I was diagnosed with Hyperemesis Gravidarum. I did not understand the severity of this illness. I could barely pronounce it. No one talked about HG and I had never heard of it before being diagnosed, and no family history that I know of.

Overjoyed and exhausted, I couldn’t wait to meet this little person growing inside of me. He is my sunshine. My first born. The first time I knew true love before our eyes could meet. A deep, unconditional love. He is my Zofran baby. I could eat almost anything I wanted on my best day as long as I took those miracle pills. I would regret eating it later, but I could enjoy food and water...HELL!!! I think I was even drinking soda!

During the late or early third trimester, my doctor took away Zofran, and then I was unmedicated. The nausea and symptoms came back full force, so she prescribed it again, and it helped save our lives.

One early morning before the sun was up, my water ruptured and I began slowly leaking fluid, so I was admitted into the hospital. After I stopped dilating on my own, I was induced to help lower the chance of infection. The doctor explained to me that my baby may have swallowed some meconium and he did. When he was born, he was silent. It took a short time for medical staff to help him breath, but it felt like an eternity waiting to hear that beautiful sound.

I conquered my first HG pregnancy and I was never the wiser.

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