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Reina's Story

At 22 weeks I had a horrible pain on my left side under my breast. It was so bad that I could barely breathe or talk. I decided to go the ER. When I arrives, automatically they asked me to go to the delivery floor, I got there explain to the nurses and Dr what I was feeling and they started doing blood work. A few minutes later came to my room and just said “you made it on time, we think we know what’s going on but we will keep checking blood every 2 hours”. Around 4pm they came in to do an ultrasound, baby Alexander was healthy. A few minutes later the Dr walked in and explained that she believed I developed a syndrome but was waiting to confirm with other Drs. I called my husband, he got to the hospital as soon as he was able to and that’s when 4 Drs and a few nurses walked in the room to give me options (none that I was able to save Alexander) and of course saying that due to HELLP syndrome I had to terminate the pregnancy. I delivered Alexander via c-section July 12,2021. He passed away July 13, 2021 THE WORST DAY OF MY LIFE! Knowing he was alive and the hospital didn’t bothered to see if a miracle can happen!


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