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Letters of Support

Community . Compassion . Support


Sending you a gentle hug.

I am so sorry for all that you are going through and continue to go through without your loved ones.

Please know that you are loved.

You are important and so is your story.

And you do not have to do this alone.




From a HG Mom

Wishing you a gentle day as a mother and parent. Celebrate the day if you need to. Don't celebrate if you don't. But remember to hold space for a little bit of hope through whatever you need to do today.


From a TFMR parent

Maternal Health parents felt like they didn't belong 1) you belong in the TFMR community 2)your baby loss story matters 3) you made the best decision for you, baby and family


From a HG Dad

HG was the worst. Hated seeing her sick every single moment

Thank you so much for your support. You are changing lives.

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Thank you so much

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