Support Groups Guidelines

The Guidelines for Hyperemesis Gravidarum (HG) Loss Support Group, Support for ALL HG Loss

-AND- A Different Path No Longer Longer Growing Our Family Support Group

-AND- Pregnancy Termination for Maternal Health Support Group

Group Guidelines:

​1. You must introduce yourself to be a member of the group. 
2. This is a private group. No sharing confidential or personal information. No screenshots or recording any information from the group. If you are found to be sharing any personal or confidential information from the group, you will be banned.
3. This is not a therapy group or any type of medical group. This Group Does NOT Provide Medical Advice. Please direct all medical questions and concerns to qualified professionals. 
4. This group can not tell you what you should do to make personal choices. We can only support you through this. There are so many choices (and lack thereof) and so many experiences, and the goal of this group is to respect ALL. 
5. No Hate Speech or Bullying. We are a support group and otherwise will be removed from the group. We welcome all people from different walks of life, and we do not discriminate. 
6.Please no comparing losses. Please share from your own experiences and always be considerate. 
7. No sharing and/or posting any fundraisers, advertisements, spam or any other groups in this group without asking permission from the Admins first. 
8. Add a label saying the topic of your post at the top if it's about Trying to conceive, Pregnancy, Birth. Add the label *Trying to conceive, or *Pregnancy, or *Birth.
9. PICTURES DO NOT REQUIRE A TRIGGER WARNING: We believe our children’s pictures are precious and not “trigger warnings”. However we ask that pictures of living and deceased children be placed in the comments of the original post so others can choose to see it or not. Simply say your picture is in the comments at the top of your post.

Additional Guidelines for Virtual-Live Support Group
**10. Please no cross-talking or interrupting the speaker. It is important for each of our peers to share. 
**11. Please keep your microphones on mute, while others are sharing. Background noises may interrupt the speaker. 
If you have questions, concerns or comments, please contact Ja’Nai Wilkes(Admin)